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ELITE ATHLETE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER - Having won three (3) prestigious world titles in Natural Body Building, Annie is well-known as a hard-working, motivated, focused elite athlete among the bodybuilding fraternity and health and fitness professionals the world over. EXCEPTIONAL MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER – Annie’s speaking engagements extend well beyond the health and fitness and bodybuilding fraternity. Annie is sought after for speaking engagements providing motivational, team-building and marketing seminars and workshops at all sorts of events, from Sales and Marketing seminars, to Life-Coaching and Personal Development retreats. As an experienced motivation speaker, Annie can provide seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects, and of a duration and style suitable to her clients’ needs. Annie’s diligent nature ensures she takes considerable trouble to ascertain the needs of her clients, and work with them to provide speaking services which are appropriate and relevant to their particular industry, ensuring the best possible outcome for her clients. AUTHOR - Annie is currently working on sharing her experience and knowledge in the form of a long-awaited book, detailing her personal journey, and providing advice, motivation, personal anecdotes and information on such wide-ranging topics overcoming adversity, staying focused, diet, health, exercise and reaching your goals. Her intelligent, readable and humorous writing style ensures this publication will be a success among the general public as well as health and fitness professionals.

Best Post workout supplement

4 Best Post Workout Supplement ideas ... Sooo if you said to me "Annie what are the best Post Workout Supplement ideas for my workout regime?" I’d respond with why do I need to ‘supplement’ my diet? Hmmm well, ‘whey’ back in the day we didn't need to supplement our diets because we were not exposed to the [...]

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Post Workout Meal

 Annie’s easy guide to your Post Workout meal Did you know your post-workout meal may very well be your most important meal of the day? The reason is that when you’re finished with an intense workout, you’re entering a catabolic state  where your muscle glycogen is depleted and increased cortisol levels (the STRESS hormone) are [...]

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How to manage stress with meditation

How to manage stress with meditation, is it for you? You health, happiness & harmony is greatly affected by how you react to stressful events – setbacks, deadlines, conflicts & losses.  Oddly enough it is during these times when people tend to let go of their physical world, yet during my darkest hours, physical activity [...]

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Miss Worlds’ top Body Building Tips

MISS WORLDS’ TOP  BODY BUILDING TIPS - After winning world titles, I think I can give some great body building tips here..... whether you just want to tone up and lose weight or compete, don't be put off by the word body building...its just a phrase and you will have more success following these tips [...]

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