Body Shaping 4 Life

FAT BURNING and FITNESS are INTENSITY dependent, NOT TIME dependent.

Scientific Fact: Short, high-intensity interval training burns calories up to 48 hours AFTER your workout. That means you burn calories while you sleep!

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Heres a challenge….  Can you lift your own bodyweight?  

Could you save your life?

Could you save your childs life? …

I actually began my ‘fitness lifestyle’ as Water Skier, I was teaching in the U.S, took a big fall and was knocked unconscious. I was very disoriented and confused when I couldn’t pull myself back into the ski-boat  and began to panic, took on water and as you can imagine , it all got ugly from there, result: I nearly lost my life.

 From that day on I swore I would be able to lift my own bodyweight.

To be able to save my own life or someone else’s!… I am my religion and I chin the bar everyday I am alive. That’s my prayer.

… so you want change shape, then I suggest you learn to play again, hang out!

Remember the monkey bars at school, when you had no fear,  and were as flexible as a piece of string??

If you decide to come play with me, you’ll discover which functional, full-body exercises are the biggest metabolic boosters and by implementing these turbo-exercises into your workouts, you will finally be able to unleash your full fat-burning potential — getting you the slender, toned up look you’re after.

So are you just going through the motions when you exercise, because no-one has shown you what to do, properly, thoroughly, really?  Do you think about what you are doing, what muscle group you are working?  Where you are supposed to be feeling it?  As you know there is no such thing as spot fat reduction, however there is such a thing as specific muscle targeting! Hoorah!!

Here’s a couple of things I bet you didn’t know….

1. Creative Visualization 

Through creative visualization and the god given genetics you were born with – you can create The Body…

You probably think that I have lost the plot right about here – what does creative visualization have to do with sculpting a body?  Everything off course!..

Do you think I have trained blindly? Great if you’re an abstract artist – but how do you know what you are creating if you don’t have a ‘mental picture’ in your head … simply put a ‘business plan’ for your body transformation..

There have many times during the course of my successes, when feeling discouraged, I would turn to the fridge – not for food, but for inspiration.  Attached to my fridge was a picture of what I aspired to – for 6 years I carried that picture around and I think you should know that picture certainly played a vital part of inspiration in my journey.  Now the picture is no Longer!

So don’t just go thru the motions… Walk the Talk and “TURN IT ON”

2. The Power of Posture 

The most common inherent problem (with the female species in particular), is reflected in our POSTURE, in the way we carry ourselves thru the world… The way you think and feel about yourself is given away every day by just the way you stand.

Posture is the position from which movement begins and ends.

Ideal posture is the position from which the body performs most efficiently.

(1) If you have poor static posture (just standing or sitting in place), the chances of you having poor dynamic posture (during movement) is exceedingly high. The nervous system is constantly learning and remembers movement patterns, but it cannot distinguish between good and poor movement.

(2) Since structure dictates function, poor alignment produces deficient motor engrams (movement patterns).  Movement with misalignment continually perpetuates faulty motor patterns (your movement software). Crappy hardware (posture) produces crappy software (movement patterns).


The more you think about it the more instinctive and innate it becomes.

Just another habit I guess, a good one to take up!

When it comes to Body Shaping, think about what you are doing;

Don’t just go through the motions. Think about the muscle group you are using then “Turn it On”.  Yes there is such a thing as mind body (muscle) connections (I know what you’re thinking; I used to think that too!)

When you walk are you “turning on” your glutes (buttocks, big muscle burns big calories) using ‘heel toe strike’   or do you do the ‘models’ walk and walk off your hips compounding body imbalances?

Do you round your shoulders and drop your chest cutting off your airways and turning off your core?

Do you get a sore lower back?

Always be conscious about the way your stand, be a posture Nazi, LIFT YOUR CHEST UP, open your airways and turn your core on!..

The easiest way to ‘turn your core on’ is by standing on 1 leg.  Yes it’s that easy…

Next time you are standing in a queue at the bank or post office, or supermarket… simply stand on 1 leg.

Who cares what anyone thinks, it’s not their journey It’s yours!.. Own it.

Be a body opportunist, make every moment count.  In our forefathers day their lifestyle was exercise today we have to exercise for our lifestyle!


He who only half breathes, only half lives!
Ancient Proverb

The Breath of Life – My breath is my best friend, my life coach and MY personal trainer!

Over years of breathing training using breathing exercises I can control and regulate my bodily reactions to any given emotion through breathing.

Can you exhale for the same duration of your inhale??

With good quality breathing, the diaphragm is the main muscle used.  There is no exaggerated movement of the upper chest, sternum and shoulders.  Correct deep, diaphragmatic breathing utilizes your entire lung capacity.

So here’s the bottom line with Breathing… while exercising,

“You breathe in on the Easy part, and Breathe out on the Hard part of any exercise”… that’s it!!.. and It NEVER changes!..  as demonstrated throughout The Block Training program.

Practice abdominal deep breathing while driving or sitting in traffic, don’t get angry get Breathing!


So make EVERY breath Count!!…


What are you waiting for? Live the Lifestyle, TURN IT ON!

Remember to Play and keep your Fun Bucket Full!

Make Body Shaping fun and easy….


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