Okay, let’s start at the beginning. 

Here are 12 Reasons to Build Muscle

  1. Replace & increase muscle tissue
  2. Increase Metabolic Rate
  3. Increase energy expenditure
  4. Increase fat burning
  5. Improve functional strength
  6. Increase bone mineral density
  7. Increase energy and vitality
  8. Decrease joint pain and injury
  9. Decrease arthritis
  10. Decrease osteoporosis
  11. Decrease coronary heart disease 
  12. Decrease the chances of diabetes type 2

What are the benefits of Bodybuilding? 

  1. Everyone who does not strength train is losing between ½ to 1 pound of muscle per year after the age of 20.
  2. Every pound of muscle burns off between 50-100 calories per day and burns approximately 4lbs of fat per year.
  3. If you don’t strength train, in a decade, your body will burn 250-500 calories less per day due to the loss of muscle tissue.
  4. This loss of muscle tissue is responsible for the 3% decrease in metabolism per decade.
  5. As little as three months of bodybuilding workouts can increase your metabolism by up to 9% – that is, counteract 30 years of aging.
  6. Strength training is the only way to replace lost muscle tissue and permanently increase your metabolism.
  7. Muscle is like the engine in a car, not only is it where petrol is burnt, but the bigger the engine, the more petrol is burnt. Fat is burnt up in the muscle. Therefore the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn at rest and during exercise.
  8. Strength training increases your metabolism 24 hours per day – whereas cardiovascular training will only increase it for the duration of the exercise session and only ½ – 1 hour after the exercise session.
  9. Strength training is the only interaction that will stop osteoporosis and even increase bone mineral density. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 8 men will have osteoporosis. Walking is not enough!
  10. Strength training is also beneficial for arthritic patients as it increases function, joint movement and decreases pain.
  11. Strength training is highly recommended even if you have coronary heart disease (high blood pressure) as the healthier you are, the less effort is required to perform daily activities.
  12. Strength training is recommended for all populations from the elderly down to children. Every Sports Medicine (Sports Medicine Australia), Paediatric and Orthopaedic Association recommends strength for children. Strength training actually increases bone and muscle strength, cartilage and ligament strength, improves posture and self-esteem, decreases obesity and osteoporosis later in life, increases sporting performance and decreases the risk of injury. Research also shows that there is no disturbance to the growth plates or the skeleton in children.

Exercise Summary

In the good old days, troglodytes presumably stayed strong by lifting rocks or dragging their dinner out of the jungle. The early pioneers lifted logs, hauled water from the creek and generally endured life’s hardships in much the same fashion as the early cavemen. Today, necessities of life do not control how or whether we remain fit. It is up to us to choose whether to do so and how, because the fact is exercise is an essential element of weight loss (no secret there).

We’ve reached the end together. 

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